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• Big and Mini Size Magnetic Building Blocks :The product comes in both big and mini size magnetic building blocks, providing a variety of options for creative play.

• DIY Magnets Toys for Kids :The product allows kids to create their own magnets toys, promoting creativity and problem-solving skills.

• Designer Construction Set Gifts for Children :The product is a designer construction set gift for children, providing hours of fun and educational play.

• Suitable for Ages 7-12 :The product is suitable for children aged 7-12, making it a great gift for kids in this age group.



1.We will arrange mix random color, thanks for your understand.

2.The magnetism is in line with safety issues. If the magnetism is too strong, it is afraid of accidentally hurting the child.

3.The picture of the built shape is only for reference, please build according to the actual number of pieces

4.Sometimes when multiple magnetic pieces are stacked together, the magnets will repel each other. It is recommended to build the pieces one by one.

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